As a creative mind, Jayemaich (pronounced J M H, for his initials) feels inspired to develop content through his internal reaction to society on a global scale.  BLVCKLUCI.com is the look book of  his developed content and sketches of ongoing proposals. His work represents his interpretation to humanity as a creature of nature and the relationship of emotional and expressive freedom. The visuals are outgoing yet deeply cerebral and emotionally complex in content and metaphor. 

Jayemaich grew up in parts of New Jersey and Borough Park, Brooklyn and developed his aesthetic to create powerful content with the use of iconic imagery juxtaposed with contemporary technique that represent strength, humanity, civility, power and overcoming adversity. Jayemaich is currently creating murals that are viewer friendly while remaining intriguing in content and inspiring in metaphor. 

To inquire about having a mural created please contact Justin (Jayemaich) here.  He is able to travel for work and is dedicated to spreading his artistic vision and powerful content on a more global scale. He requests the ability to propose more dynamic and impact based content for upcoming projects. 

blvck luci?

Blvck Luci is the metaphor for Jayemaich's work. Blvck represents the darkness and imperfections in life that he symbolizes with stoic and intense characters in his mural work. Luci is the short form of lucid, as in the dreamworld. Lucid dreaming and the ability to control what you percieve juxtaposed with the darkness of life's pressures put together in his work to represent the beauty of adversity and the power we have in overcoming it. 


Contact Jayemaich to have a mural realized for your business or residence!