Artist Bio

Jayemaich (artist moniker) was born in New Jersey, raised in Brooklyn, NY and currently resides in West Palm Beach, FL. His name is a play on his initials. He has been influenced by urban backdrops while also finding interests in the complexities of history, culture and philosophies. His goal is to create content for buildings and walls that are powerful, metaphorical and create a buzz in a community. Jayemaich’s artwork spans several states including Florida, Pennsylvania and New Jersey to name a few.

Jayemaich is currently working on new concepts and seeking new walls.

 The Artwork

Projects span several states:

La Liberation de la Persephone located in Passaic, NJ is a piece about the freedom from perception and the empowerment of the downtrodden.

The Beauty of Gray on a Sunny Day located in York, PA is a nod to the working class as they simultaneously construct the American Flag in this piece, while also confronting the drastic separatism in this country and the theory that two opposing sides of thought raging against each other creates a standstill, and that the collection and melding of thought “or gray thought” is far more beautiful and productive.