Artist Bio

Jayemaich was born in New Jersey, raised in Brooklyn, NY and currently resides in West Palm Beach, FL. From an early age, he was influenced by urban backdrops while also finding interests in the complexities of history, culture and philosophies. Jayemaich thrives on creating artwork that empowers women because of the influence of being raised by a single mother. His goal is to create content for buildings and walls that are powerful, metaphorical and create a buzz in a community while making the expereince fun for everyone involved throughout the process. 

His focus, when collaborating on a project, is on creating content that is directed from his own narratives, to develop a better representation of the metaphorical messages of his works.  

His artworks include juxtapositions between classical art imagery and contemporary figures, to draw comparisons but also to challenge social constructs that have created in-opportunity for people. He uses blocking and distressed aesthetics to give and remove power from figures.